Fastest Growing Jobs

Fastest Growing Jobs

Fastest Growing Jobs of 2023 Rank 008: Nurse Practitioner

Much like Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners were in very high-demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need remains pressing, particularly with an aging Baby Boomer generation. 

Nurse Practitioners take on additional responsibilities and can sometimes fill-in for overworked General Practitioners. Postgraduate studies may be necessary to become a Nurse Practitioner. 

Fastest Growing Jobs of 2023 Rank 006: Medical and Health Services Manager

Bridging the gap between the medical side and the business functions of a hospital or healthcare provider, a Medical and Health Services Manager provides a necessary function. Postgraduate education in medicine is not necessary, either, making this one of the more accessible career paths in healthcare. 

A degree in Business, Sales or Economics with additional coursework focused on health sciences is a great starting point. 

Fastest Growing Jobs of 2023 Rank 005: Financial Manager

Offering opportunities to work either independently and consult with organizations on a contract basis, building up clientele of individuals and families, or overseeing the financial flow for a specific employer full-time, Financial Mangers have abundant choices. 

There is not one specific educational path best-suited to getting into a Financial Manager position, but a degree in Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting or Business sets the best foundation. Pursuing a postgraduate MBA unlocks numerous doors in the field. 

Fastest Growing Jobs of 2023 Rank 002: General Operations Manager

Depending on organization, the official title for a General Operations Manager might vary. It could be a Project Manager, a VP, or a Director. 

No matter the title, a General Operations Manager needs extensive training and education in both the workflow demands of an organization, as well as dealing with people. A Business degree and additional schooling on Communications or Psychology can lay the foundation for a successful career as a General Operations Manager.