Unconventional Resumes

Unconventional Resumes

Another way in which technology has changed the job market is that candidates can pitch themselves in new and innovative ways.

Michael Gilmore of Resume Talent says a graphical resume can grab a prospective employer’s attention aesthetically, but also save them time by very clearly demonstrating skills and experience.

“If you are in a visual or presentation focus field it's nice to present something a little more than Times New Roman,” Duffy says.

A personal website with all the usual resume information functions as a resume in two ways, as Duffy says for those working in an online medium, it gives hirers a frame of reference for the candidate’s abilities.

If you are considering a video, however, you might want to slow down. “I’m not watching anyone’s YouTube channel – unless they are in a band or something cool like that,” Duffy says.

So, unless you can get Adele to introduce your abilities on video, creating a YouTube channel as a resume might be a waste of your time.