Pay-Per-Resume - See More Resumes For Less

Pay-Per-Resume - See More Resumes For Less

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse our massive resume database for free
  2. Buy only the resumes you want to see

Select the best, forget the rest!

You only pay for the resumes you select. It might be one, it might be ten. It’s up to you. The traditional approach of posting ads, waiting for a response and weeding through the unqualified resumes is wasting your time and killing your budget.

Pay-Per-Resume puts you in the driver’s seat. It lets you preview candidate resumes on your timetable, at your convenience and in your budget.

Our Resume Database is now Your Resume Database

  • Free Resume Previews
  • Access When You Like
  • Pay Only for Resumes You Want
  • Highly Targeted Advertising
  • Contact Candidates Much Faster
  • Reach Passive & Active Resumes
  • Hire Right – Hire Faster

The Recruiter’s Connection Tool

There is no other recruiting tool for connecting with qualified candidates as efficient as Pay-Per-Resume. Now you can connect at an affordable price. Just browse and buy!

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