Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil EngineerConsidered pursuing a career in Civil Engineering? This interview will take you through the ups and downs you can expect, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn and more. 

I am a civil engineer by profession and have worked in the construction and maintenance industry for 30 years. I have been assigned in several delicate and detail oriented positions such as planning manager, project coordinator, site supervisor and quantity surveyor. Though these positions were all within my basic category, this didn't stop me from actually being the actual contractor or sub-contractor of other related civil works in the construction of an edifice. I also became a plumbing and electrical contractor.

Seeking employment need a lot of fighting spirit and the will to persevere in any situation. You may find yourself with a hundred other jobseekers with the same educational background and fighting for just a single position. My strong fighting spirit and my will to persevere lead me to handle delicate jobs in different construction companies. My aim to be of service to humanity through my profession as a civil engineer paved way to numerous employment positions. Though financial independence was my first goal, each position I handled gave me opportunities to love my profession to be a contributing citizen to the improvement of the standard of living of my countrymen.

When the construction industry was then beginning to lose its magical touch because of the economic crisis, I became an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW in Saudi Arabia. I became a group leader in the maintenance department of the company. This move paved way for me to reconcile myself with regards to my emotional, financial, spiritual and social status. My Saudi experience taught me how to be brave, confident, perfectionist, friendly and thrift. Culture shock was my first emotional experience stepping in the foreign land. My relationship with the Lord was strengthened though Christianity is a taboo in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My faith deepened so as to overcome homesickness and financially support my family.

All the job categories that I handled were all regarding the proper execution on how to construct a house or a building. Standard building procedures and building specifications are carefully carried out from the planning stage to the execution stage all the way to the handing over of the project to its actual inauguration. My work entails strong leadership skills. Decision making is a strong ardent task. Dilemmas in a construction site are enormous. Your personality as a leader is always tested. Still and somehow, I managed to overcome all the trials that tested my leadership and decision making skills and have constructed 14 high rise buildings and 26 houses all in my 30 years experience as a civil engineer.

Ever since I was a kid, I was basically introduced to the construction industry through my father's civil engineering profession. This led me to take up the same course in college so as to follow the footsteps of my dad. It is essential to excel in mathematics to succeed in this profession. Coupled with management and interpersonal skills, you are up for grabs by different companies. Looking back through all my hardships and trials in the construction industry as a civil engineer, I must say that I'm perfectly satisfied with what I have done and accomplished. Looking at the sturdy buildings that are now accommodating more than 300 stalls is heart warming knowing I was one of the leaders that made the building as it is today. I am grateful that the buildings I was part of now employs more than a thousand jobs and proud company owners can sell their products or render their service to customers and clients. If I will be given another chance to choose a career that I may excel and be of service to my country and countrymen, I will take the same path I strolled.

In life, lessons are learned despite being educated in school. Experience is the best teacher so to speak. If ever I there was a lesson I've learned about the working world that was not taught in school that would be personal relationships with superiors, co-workers and sub-ordinates. Personal relationships are healthy and fun, a line of distinction or a parameter is drawn to actually benefit both sides of the coin. Work and pleasure are two different words that are properly addressed during its own time. This lesson made me serious and more cautious with my undertakings and personal relationships.

With all things set and done and I could write my own ticket, I want to own a farm house five years from now. Living in a busy city makes me want to live a simple life. All the hassles of the busy city life would be a past to ponder on. I would be imagining myself in a swing under a mango tree with the breeze touching my skin. Along with my wife, we would take care of livestock animals and live life slowly enjoying each others' company, simply chatting and relaxing. Work will be defined by throwing chicken feeds into the chicken coops and grazing the goats over to the grassy fields in the morning with my dog. A lazy nap over at the mango swing would be a relaxing afternoon. The night would be serenaded by whistling and chirping insects and birds. All this dreams shall be met once I retire and reap the fruits of my hard earned labor when I was in the prime of my youth. For now, writing is my hobby as I'm sharing my work experience to all of you.

This is a true career story as told to DiversityJobs and is one of many interviews with engineers and contractors, among other professional careers.