Worst Holiday Jobs of 2012

Worst Holiday Jobs of 2012

By: CareerCast.com

Increased demand during the holidays means more job opportunities. Find out which can make the season merrier, and which will have you saying ho-ho-humbug.

Santa's Elf

1. Santa's Elf

Median Salary:

Behind every good Kris Kringle is a good elf. And just as LeBron James can’t pass to himself or Bruce Springsteen can’t calibrate his own mics during a show, Santa Claus doesn’t oversee the essential operations of a successful holiday village. Directing sometimes frightened children and exhausted parents through the crowds is a much less glamorous gig than being the international icon of the season, and rushing sick kids to the restroom and matching up photos with families can be very taxing. Yet the real treat is that elves typically earn minimum wage, and competition for the jobs is fierce, especially among high-school students trying to earn money for gifts. Ho-ho-humbug!

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