Methodology - Stress Rankings for Jobs Rated 2012

Methodology - Stress Rankings for Jobs Rated 2012


The amount of stress a worker experiences can be predicted, in part, by looking at the typical demands and crises inherent in his or her job.

Our ranking system for stress considered 11 different job demands which can reasonably be expected to evoke stress (see list below). Each demand was assigned a range of points. A high score was awarded if a particular demand was a major part of the job, fewer points were awarded if the demand was a small part of the job, and no points were awarded if that demand was not normally required. For example, "deadlines" was one demand measured. Journalists, who often face daily deadlines, received the maximum of 9 points in this category. In contrast, biologists, who seldom face deadlines, received no points. The demands measured and the point ranges assigned to each area are as follows:

  • Travel, amount of  0-10
  • Growth Potential (income divided by 100)
  • Deadlines   0-9 
  • Working in the public eye  0-5 
  • Competitiveness  0-15 
  • Physical demands (stoop, climb, etc.)  0-14 
  • Environmental conditions  0-13 
  • Hazards encountered  0-5 
  • Own life at risk  0-8 
  • Life of another at risk  0-10 
  • Meeting the public  0-8 


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