The Nation's Most-Demanding White-Collar Jobs

The Nation's Most-Demanding White-Collar Jobs


In compiling lists of the most demanding white- and blue-collar jobs, researchers examine data on each position's stress level, work hours and physical demands. Looking at exhausting white-collar occupations, the most-demanding job is surgeon, which also ranks second on the overall list. A surgeon's high fatigue factor is due to extreme stress and long hours that can include being on-call late at night. While not as physically demanding as firefighter, surgeon ranks highest among white-collar positions for physical activity as well. Other white-collar jobs with high stress include senior corporate executive, attorney and physician, while clergy and pharmacist make the list largely due to long work weeks.

For job seekers looking to avoid stress, these are the nation's 8 most-demanding white-collar jobs:


1. Surgeon

Overall Rating:
Median Salary:

Diagnoses ailments and performs operations to repair, reconstruct, remove, or replace organs, limbs, and bodily systems.

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