The Nation's Most-Demanding Blue-Collar Jobs

The Nation's Most-Demanding Blue-Collar Jobs


While a majority of white-collar jobs are demanding due to stress and long hours, employees in blue-collar positions tend to engage in more intense physical activity. That said, firefighter is the most-demanding blue-collar job, and along with police officer, includes the stress of being responsible for the lives of others. Roustabouts, who maintain oil rigs, also experience anxiety due to the risk of personal injury, and sailors must be concerned about falling victim to piracy. Truck drivers are required to spend long hours behind the wheel, while automobile body repairers and tool-and-die makers shoulder heavy physical demands.

For workers who don't mind late nights and heavy lifting, here are the nation's 8 most-demanding blue-collar jobs:


1. Firefighter

Overall Rating:
Median Salary:

Protects individuals and saves lives and property from the ravages of fire.

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