The Most Underrated Jobs of 2016

The Most Underrated Jobs of 2016


No matter the industry or career field, everyone wants to make a positive impact in their job, whether it’s contributing to the success of their organization or making an impact on the community.’s Most Underrated Jobs of 2016 feature careers that might not get the same kind of attention or seem as glamorous as those featured in our Most Overrated Jobs of 2016 – but they are great options for job seekers who want to make an impact.




Consider a career in Human Resources, like Blue Fountain Media’s Director of HR, Tom Duffy. Duffy loves his work, which involves helping great candidates connect with open positions.

It’s a passion he said he discovered without even knowing anything about human resources. An economics major, he worked in finance for a small, start-up fashion company in New York’s Soho neighborhood before taking on their HR duties on a volunteer basis. The company had no HR department, so Tom posted openings on job boards, sifted through resumes and interviewed candidates.

“The [CEO] doesn’t need to sift through applications, conducting interviews and all that,” Duffy said.

He said he takes pride in both helping his company cultivate its identity, and giving opportunities to great candidates.

For those who want to make an impact on the well-being of others, careers in healthcare offer great opportunities. And some of the most highly rated professions per the 2016 Jobs Rated report do not require years and years of college just to get started.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, a career added to the Jobs Rated report just this year, ranked in the Top 10. US News and World Report rates it as one of the best healthcare jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recommends a bachelor’s degree to get started as either a Medical Technologist or Dietitian, two other healthcare fields among our most underrated.

Understanding the requirements for any of these fields is important – both as far as certification, education and credentials; and the necessary skills.

For getting into HR, for example, Duffy says to, “Have no preconceptions.”

“Don’t assume you know everything about a candidate before talking to them,” he said. “Because you can miss out on the best candidate, all because you didn’t like their resume. We aren’t hiring them to write resumes; we’re hiring them to be Programmers, or Developers.”

Duffy is motivated by the ability HR provides to benefit his organization and candidates. For an underrated career like Environmental Engineer, they can impact entire communities.

Environmental Engineer is a fast-growing field with lucrative opportunities. An Environmental Engineer’s contributions to the community at-large, like finding more efficient ways for the use of energy, can have long-lasting effects, which puts it on our list of underrated jobs.

The following are the Most Underrated Jobs of 2016.

Computer Systems Analyst

1. Computer Systems Analyst

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