The Most Underrated Jobs of 2015

The Most Underrated Jobs of 2015


Peruse the Jobs Rated report for 2015, and some of the professions ranked near the top might come as a surprise.

The core criteria used to measure all 200 careers for the annual Jobs Rated report finds some jobs that might go overlooked are some of the most underrated.

Although they may not be among the best jobs in the nation, these underrated professions score well in a variety of categories – income potential, growth outlook, stress and environment.

The actual work that goes into our most underrated jobs can be fulfilling, too. When you think of your favorite TV show or film, the actors, actresses and director are probably the first people you associate.

But behind the scenes, multimedia artists help bring life to the action.

Entertainment is just one of many fields in which a multimedia artist can find work. It finds a place on the most underrated jobs of 2015, in part, due to its versatility. A skilled multimedia artist can find work in business, advertising, and essentially any industry that requires graphical art.

Likewise, accountant is an underrated career path with flexibility. Everyone needs their expenses sorted and taxes completed. Thus, an accountant can find full-time work with a single employer, or operate an independent business that contracts to companies and individuals.

The field scores well in every core criteria of the Jobs Rated report, falling in the top-half for outlook, income, environment and stress.

Other underrated jobs are more focused in their paths and opportunities, but share high marks in the Jobs Rated report to rank ahead of perhaps more glamourous fields. For example, architect ranks as one of the most overrated jobs of 2015. However, those interested in construction or infrastructure might instead consider pursuing civil engineering.

At 20% growth, the outlook for civil engineers is very favorable. The field also scores well for environment and income potential. Civil engineers will also play a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure of our immediate future.

The same can be said for geologists and environmental engineers, both of which are crucial to the ever-changing energy industry.

The following are the most underrated jobs for 2015. Jobs Rated report rankings are determined using our methodology of four core criteria.


1. Accountant

Overall Rating:
Projected Growth:
Median Salary:

The stability working as an accountant is one factor that makes this an underrated job.

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