Most Underrated Jobs of 2012

Most Underrated Jobs of 2012


High growth, low stress and rewarding opportunities are some of the traits that shaped our rankings of the Most Underrated Jobs of 2012.

The continued expansion of the tech sector and the nuances required of the job makes computer systems analyst the No. 1 most underrated profession Analysts in this field tend to combine the essential elements of technology and business to function cohesively and make themselves indispensible to their companies. Yet they typically do it under the radar screen, which makes their job very underrated in the minds of most job hunters.

Careers related to the economy also ranked highly as underrated. Economists, market research analysts and accountants all hold prominent positions as some of the most underrated jobs. Also placing highly are veterinarians, a position that scores well according to virtually all Jobs Rated criteria. And automobile mechanic ranks well, with an excellent outlook for the coming years as more Americans keep their vehicles longer.

Of course, identifying a career as underrated is a subjective exercise. However, the Jobs Rated methodology, along with Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, makes the conclusions easier to reach.

The featured fields offer increasing opportunities and rewarding potential for job seekers new to the labor force, as well as those who need a career change. But before you target one of these jobs, make note of the educational requirements – some positions require specialized degrees or additional schooling.


The overrated and underrated distinction is subjective, though using determining factors from the 2012 Jobs Rated report, recent social and economical impact on specific industries, and BLS data helped craft the rankings. The same criteria were used when formulating the most overrated jobs rankings.

Computer Systems Analyst

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Overall Rating:
Projected Growth:
Median Salary:

Combining technology and business skills -- two of the most essential elements to an organization -- computer systems analysts are the bridges that connect management and IT together. Strong compensation and a positive job growth outlook make computer systems analyst one of the best fields in today’s workforce.

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