The Most Underrated Jobs of 2014

The Most Underrated Jobs of 2014


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Great job opportunities are out there for the mathematically, scientifically, artistically and mechanically inclined. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

The most underrated jobs span a variety of different disciplines, but they all share common themes.

One such theme is high growth potential. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects hiring of market research analysts to increase 32% over the next eight years to help companies track what consumers want. Market research analysts design surveys to determine what companies should sell, who will buy their products and services and how to promote them.

One market researcher in San Diego says his skills are in demand because he knows how to effectively target a company’s message to the consumer. “We have access to more data than ever before, but it’s worthless without someone who can make sense of it all,” he says.

Even for an underrated field like multimedia artist, which is only projected to grow 6% over the next eight years according to the BLS, the job has the potential to exceed its production. As online mobile interactivity becomes more sophisticated and the use of multimedia in computer games, television shows, videos, commercials and movies expands, demand for skilled multimedia artists should increase as well. The job also benefits from its flexibility.


Content providers that need multimedia artists can vary tremendously, from software companies to advertisers.


Other underrated jobs offer the opportunity to make a difference either in a community or with individual patients. In fact, jobs dealing with health are booming, particularly positions for physical therapists who help the injured and ailing get back feeling to 100%.

Physiologists are important because most work in preventative capacities, developing workout programs and teaching proper physical practices to avoid injuries later.

Likewise, computer systems analysts are in increasing demand because their blend of business and technological skills help companies address potential conflicts between the two sides before they arise.

Computer systems analysts are integral in seeing that two very different branches of an organization complement each other to reach their similar goals. The following are our 10 most underrated jobs for 2014, according to the Jobs Rated Report.


1. Accountant

Overall Rating:
Projected Growth:
Median Salary:

The need for qualified accountants is unwavering in today’s hiring landscape, and those in the field have flexibility in their career paths. Accountants can be retained by one organization and handle only its financials, while others can operate independently and serve multiple clients.

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