The Least Stressful Jobs of 2016

The Least Stressful Jobs of 2016


Stress is unavoidable, no matter your line of work. In fact, the career found to be the least stressful among the 200 tracked by the 2016 Jobs Rated report is the perfect example.

Information security analyst is a job at the center of some of the most stressful situations in the American workplace this past year, thanks to the security breaches at Sony Pictures Studios and Target stores.

What occurred in those instances are anomalies; the most outlying of all outliers. Based on the 11 factors evaluated to determine the Jobs Rated stress rankings, an informational security analyst’s work falls in the less stressful end of the spectrum.

These factors are travel required; growth potential; deadlines; working in the public eye; competition in the field; physical demands; environmental conditions; hazards encountered on a regular basis; own life at risk; life of others at risk; and meeting or interacting with the public at large.

Every job has inherent stresses. For those that scored among our least stressful, consider that hair stylists spend long stretches on their feet.

Tenured-track university professorships are competitive. Librarians sometimes have to handle things out of their control, like budgetary cuts. In the context of the Jobs Rated report, which evaluates 200 different jobs, these jobs offer a more favorable atmosphere than others, though. One-on-one interaction typically makes for a less stressful work environment. So, too, does working in an office or lab setting. An important distinction to draw when evaluating job stress is understanding that less stressful doesn’t mean easy or lacking importance.

On the contrary – as the above referenced data breaches confirm with information security analysts, a job done well is vital.

A breach in data in the always changing cyber landscape can cost an IT security provider its credibility, and credibility in that line of work is paramount.

The balance in stress factors, as defined by the Jobs Rated report, is what differentiates "most stressful" and "least stressful." Every career has at least one high-stress element; other phases scoring more favorably is a universal theme for this year's 10 least stressful.

Consider medical laboratory technicians, who are responsible for analyzing important patient samples. While the career scores well per our stress metrics, they have a crucial responsibility to those whom they serve.

The growth of the healthcare industry means a heavier workload for medical records technicians, whose work cataloging vital information streamlines the process of visiting the doctor. Technology is helping to streamline that work, in turn.

The following 10 jobs are the least stressful of the 200 tracked by the 2016 Jobs Rated report. For an explanation of methodology, please visit this page. Income information and growth outlook are via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimates, updated December 2015. Growth projections are for a ten-year period from 2014 through 2024.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Overall Rating: 122Median Salary: $68,200Stress: 4.00Projected Growth: 27.75%
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