The Best Jobs in Northeast Ohio

The Best Jobs in Northeast Ohio


Employment in Northeast Ohio climbed 3.5% over the past year, with manufacturing sector jobs - in particular within the automotive industry - ranked among the best in the region.

“The revival of Ohio’s all-important auto sector and investment in tech and innovation, as well as a growing energy sector, have helped support growth and boost employment,” says Manufacturers’ News Inc. president Tom Dublin in a statement.

In fact, hiring this year has risen 1.4% in Akron and 1.1% in the Cleveland metro area, with much of that rebound from job creation by the area’s manufacturing sector, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And according to the 2015 Ohio Manufacturer’s Directory report, 2014 will mark the third straight year of local hiring growth by manufacturers.

Among the jobs faring best in Northeast Ohio during this expansion are industrial production managers, who earn a competitive $85,717 annually on average, on pace with the national average for that position. And considering that northeast Ohio has an average cost of living slightly below the national average, that salary can go further.

To move up to such managerial positions, a job seeker must first break into the industry. And the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) reports a hiring outlook of 16.9% for industrial machinery mechanics, one popular gateway career into the manufacturing sector.

As for another job in northeast Ohio with high growth potential, cost estimator is tough to beat. The ODJFS projects hiring of cost estimators will rise by 26.4% in the next half-decade. The field’s expected growth is related both to auto manufacturing and to an improving construction landscape. ODJFS estimates for northeast Ohio’s construction sector project a 13.5% uptick by 2020.

Like much of the rest of the nation, the highest projected growth sector for northeast Ohio is healthcare, and among the most region’s most promising prospects is occupational therapist. Hiring of occupational therapists is expected to jump 25.6% by 2020 and the area’s average salary for those in the field is $80,267—almost $4,000 a year more than the national average for that position.

Using employment outlook data and the Jobs Rated report metrics, below are the best jobs in northeast Ohio for 2015. Salary and growth outlook projections via the ODJFS: