Best Jobs in New Jersey for 2014

Best Jobs in New Jersey for 2014


The 10 best jobs in New Jersey all have one attribute in common: they pay more than the national average for the same jobs elsewhere in the U.S., and sometimes a lot more.

In fact, New Jersey job seekers with backgrounds in business, finance and health care are not only earning more than their colleagues outside of the Garden State, they're seeing an increase in job opportunities across New Jersey this summer.

Medical and health services managers, for example, who oversee and set the financial guidelines for New Jersey’s health service industry, will earn more than $110,000 on average this year, well above the national average. And thanks to a growing economy, the state has one of the highest employment rates for medical and health services managers in the nation. Demand for physical therapists also is very high across New Jersey, and the addition of new medical centers in Princeton, Hopewell Township and elsewhere is expected to keep hiring strong.

Administrative services manager is another high-growth business job in New Jersey, and among the most lucrative with an annual average salary of $110,970, which is nearly $30,000 more than the national average.

Business services companies ranked in the top 10 of hiring in New Jersey last year include the Millennium Group, Mathematic Policy Research, INSYS Group and Association Headquarters.

Wages far exceeding the national average are commonplace for other jobs in New Jersey’s business sector. For instance, personal finance advisors earn more than $20,000 over the national median, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mortgage brokerage is another booming field, with loan officers in the Garden State commanding $23,000 a year more than the national average. And industrial production managers heading New Jersey’s manufacturing sector earn more than $119,000 per year on average, the highest wage by state for the profession in the nation.

For those in other labor markets, New Jersey is high among all states nationally in the hiring of public relations specialists, school administrators and actuaries. And like the other careers included in our report on the best jobs in New Jersey, their annual pay far exceeds national averages.


1. Actuary

Overall Rating:
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Median Salary:

One of the top jobs in America per our 2014 Jobs Rated Report, actuary is an especially promising career for professionals in New Jersey. New Jersey ranks as the fifth highest hiring state for actuaries, and the state's average annual wages exceeds the national average by almost $12,000.

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