The Best Jobs in Advertising for 2017

The Best Jobs in Advertising for 2017

Many of the skills necessary to break into and succeed in the fast-paced world of advertising are fairly apparent. It helps to know the product being advertised, the audience to which the product is being marketed and which methods would be most effective to reach the target audience.

Other qualities that can shape a successful advertising career may not be so obvious. Some are not necessarily learned on the job, but can be gained in the classroom - at least, that's where Michael Piperno, executive vice president of Imbue Creative in Lambertville, New Jersey, learned many of the skills that are necessary to be a successful advertising professional.

Before working in the field of advertising, Piperno worked as an educator in northern New Jersey. Public speaking was one of the courses he taught, and in that, he found those qualities translate well to his current industry.

"It made me a good listener," he said. "Listening is critical [in advertising]. You have to be able to communicate clearly, verbally and non-verbally."

Clear communication and listening are vital, because part of an advertising professional's work is gaining an understanding of the client's vision, and being able to present it in an actionable and effective manner.

Bringing a vision to life and reaching an audience of potential customers for a client make up some of the specific career paths available in advertising.

Piperno said Multimedia Artists are in high-demand in advertising. No matter a Multimedia Artist's specialty - from graphic design for print, to animations for television, and responsive images for the growing base of users accessing content on their phones - the job is a necessary cornerstone in the advertising industry.

Another field with growing importance, Piperno said, is Social Media Manager.

The proliferation of smartphone and tablet usage, and rising numbers of users on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have given advertisers unprecedented access to their audiences. However, consumers can be inundated with too many options. The task of properly reaching the right audience can be daunting for advertisers. That's why Piperno said Social Media Managers knowing which outlets to target is as important as knowing what to present.

In the same regard, content marketing is an increasingly popular way for businesses and service providers to reach potential customers they might otherwise miss. Written content is a great way to keep an audience engaged and entertained - provided the content is actually engaging and entertaining.

To that end, professional writers can find great opportunities in advertising.

The theme of technology changing the advertising space has also given rise to growing opportunities for the career ranked among the best of the 2017 Jobs Rated Report: Data Scientist.

Piperno said that advertising hirers are aggressively pursuing those with the skills to interpret and analyze large quantities of data, which are invaluable to advertisers. Data Scientists can help agencies and corporate creative departments shape their strategies through quantitative research of consumer trends.

The fast-paced field of advertising is filled with interesting job options. While creativity is important for some positions, the industry would not be able to function without research, planning, and strategy. If your skills include being able to work well within a team, communicate effectively, and build strong relationships, consider some of these careers:

Advertising Account Executive

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