The Best Jobs of 2017

The Best Jobs of 2017


STEM Education Coalition executive director James Brown projected careers in STEM –science, mathematics, engineering and technology – to be the “jobs of tomorrow” in 2014. The annual Jobs Rated reports confirm that assessment, but with an added twist: the future is now. STEM jobs abound on the Jobs Rated’s best jobs of 2017 list.

As the world becomes more quantitative and data-focused, mathematics takes center stage, with Statistician topping the best jobs of 2017. Applying the Jobs Rated criteria – evaluating income, growth outlook, stress and environmental factors – this hot field ranked No. 1.

One key factor in the profession’s top billing is that employment is expected to jump by 34% in the coming seven years. The extraordinarily high hiring outlook is the result of increased demand in fields that might not otherwise seem like areas for Statisticians.

A Statistician’s skill set can be used to break down and analyze large quantities of data. The demand for these skills spans a variety of industries, including marketing, banking, government, sports, retail, and even healthcare.

Since so many different industries now rely on data interpretation, a second data analysis job made the best jobs of 2017: fifth-ranked Data Scientist.

In total, four of the top 10 best jobs of 2017 are built on math. Operations Research Analyst ranks No. 3 and Mathematician ranks No. 7. Operations Research Analysts can be found in virtually every industry, from manufacturing to finance and throughout the spectrum of government agencies. They use optimization, data mining, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling to develop solutions that help businesses and organizations operate more efficiently.  Mathematicians use mathematical theory, algorithms, and computers to solve problems in economics, science, engineering, and other fields.

All of these jobs can attribute some of their prolific growth outlook to the acquisition of data, so if you have a knack for numbers, these careers might be a good fit.

Healthcare and computer jobs also dominate the best jobs of 2017. At No. 4, Information Security Analyst is the highest rated technology field of the 2017 Jobs Rated report, but it’s not alone in the Top 10. Software Engineer has been a mainstay on the annual best jobs rankings, and maintains a place at No. 8. Small wonder with a $100,690 annual median salary and growth outlook of 17%. 

Information Security Analysts, who plan security measures to shield an organization's computer systems and networks from infiltration and cyberattacks, are in high demand, as are Software Engineers, who develop, debug, and maintain software.

The importance of highly skilled Information Security Analysts has dominated national headlines in recent years.

Never mind the future: From celebrity photos being leaked, to the breaches of major companies, and even the ongoing controversy surrounding the 2016 presidential campaign, the protection of cloud-based data is one of the most important jobs in this day and age.

IT careers have been high-demand and high pay for years now, serving as one of the cornerstones of the American economy. Another cornerstone, covering the science end of the STEM equation, is healthcare.

Three healthcare careers made the best jobs of 2017 Top 10: No. 2, Medical Services Manager: No. 9, Occupational Therapist; and No. 10, Speech Pathologist.

These aren’t lab coat and stethoscope professions, but all serve vital functions.

Both Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists can be vital guides for young children to get up to speed with their peer groups, and these professionals work with adults who have speech problems or who need specialized assistance. Medical Services Manager – a new addition to the Jobs Rated report in 2017 – works behind the scenes to ensure that the business facets necessary for a functioning healthcare facility remain in order.

If your profession is to prepare new generations for one of these great jobs – or perhaps teach students in another field – the No. 6-ranked best job of 2017 is for you: University Professor. While many University Professors have a rewarding and fulfilling job educating young minds, others who want to teach at the university level find it difficult to find full-time employment. Certain faculty positions are in great demand, such as instructors in medicine and science, but many universities have cut back on the number of full-time professors they employ, choosing to cut costs by hiring adjuncts.

 The following are the 10 best jobs of 2017, per the Jobs Rated report. For a complete breakdown of the methodology, visit:


1. Statistician

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