Jobs Rated: Most Promising Careers For College Graduates Beyond 2023

Jobs Rated: Most Promising Careers For College Graduates Beyond 2023


August means the beginning of a new academic calendar year for students around the country. With a start of a new school year comes big ambitions and hopes for the future. 

The job market isn't always conducive to the ambitions of graduates, however: Pursuing educational paths that point to promising careers is as vital as having focus and determination. What's more, even as conversations around student debt reach a fever pitch, it still pays to have an advanced education as the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce details

Applying the Jobs Rated Report methodology, as well as U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, spotlights promising career paths, and the degrees that can help land a job in one of these fields. 

2023 Application Software Developer

1. Application Software Developer

Median Salary:
Projected Growth:

Software Developer has been an in-demand career for no fewer than two decades as our world becomes more reliant on technology. As technology shifts more to mobile, so too does the need for Software Developers shift to those with skills to be Application Software Developers. 

Programming for use on mobile devices is an invaluable skill set in the tech industry. And since every industry is reliant on tech, the possibilities to impact a variety of sectors are almost limitless for a skilled Applications Software Developer. Computer Sciences degrees are helpful in charting a prospective Application Software Developer's professional course. 

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