The 2018 Jobs Rated Report (Article)

The 2018 Jobs Rated Report (Article)


Job markets are direct reflections of our culture and our lives -- small wonder, considering the average American spends approximately 44 hours per week on the job, totaling one-quarter of their lives.’s Jobs Rated report aims to provide a general snapshot of 220 careers, using key criteria: Income, Growth Outlook, Work Environment and Stress.

The Jobs Rated report has tracked careers for 30 years, using key criteria of Income, Growth Outlook, Work Environment and Stress. In that time, the labor market’s changed dramatically -- and no report has offered quite as thorough of a snapshot detailing that change as the 2018 edition.

Careers in STEM -- like Mathematician, Statistician, Data Scientist and Actuary -- shape the Best Jobs of 2018, which is no deviation from recent trends. However, a job tracked by the Jobs Rated Report for the first time, Genetic Counselor, is No. 1. And with 29% growth outlook, this healthcare field speaks to the advancements rapidly taking over our job landscape.

In the same vein, the worst job of 2018, Taxi Driver, has seen a sharp decline in hiring outlook with stagnating pay as a result of ride-sharing apps -- apps that were scarcely used just five years ago. There's no telling how much the job landscape will change in another five years ago. To underscore the

Industries, technology and society might change, but the Jobs Rated report has remained consistent in the criteria it uses to rank 220 professions. The following is the complete Jobs Rated report for 2018.