The 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2011

The 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2011

Real Estate Agent

10. Real Estate Agent

Overall Rating: 578Projected Growth: 16.57%Stress: 38.57Median Salary: $40,357

Hours Per Day: 9.5

Real Estate Agents are the intermediaries between buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Agents work long, erratic hours including working most weekends, spending much of their time showing properties to clients. The field is highly competitive, which can cause high levels of stress.

How do we determine which jobs rate as the most and least stressful? Our ranking system for job stress compares a number of different job demands which can reasonably be expected to evoke stress, including travel, hiring outlook/growth potential, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life at risk, life of another at risk and meeting the public.

Each demand is assigned a range of points. If the job demand is a large part of the duties, then the higher the score awarded will be. For instance, a firefighter, whose job can be physically demanding, could receive up to 14 points. Whereas, a computer programmer's job is not as physically demanding would receive less points.

For more information on how we rank all 200 jobs, see our 2011 Jobs Rated Methodology.

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