10 Least Stressful Blue-Collar Jobs of 2011

10 Least Stressful Blue-Collar Jobs of 2011

Victoria Brienza

Low-stress jobs can also be found in many blue-collar professions. Surprisingly though, many of these jobs are in declining industries. For instance, bookbinders lead this year’s list of least stressful blue-collar jobs. But, with the explosion of eBooks and digital e-Reader devices, the demand for printed books is declining, which will have an effect on the need for bookbinders. The same goes for photographic process workers, number two on this year’s list. The abundance of digital cameras in the marketplace makes this job less secure than ever before.

That said, several of the lowest stress jobs on our list may not be glamorous, but their work remains steady in any economy. From forklift operator (#6) to appliance repairer (#10), there will always be a need for these professions.

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1. Bookbinder

Overall Rating: 483Projected Growth: -24.06%Stress: 5.94Median Salary: $31,194

Participates in the assembly of books or magazines for commercial printing companies.

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