Washington D.C.'s 10 Best Jobs of 2012

Washington D.C.'s 10 Best Jobs of 2012

By: CareerCast.com

While jobseekers in many U.S. cities battle an unemployment rate of 8% or more, those in and around the nation’s capital are faring much better. Virginia clocks in with one of the lowest rates nationally at 5.6%, while Maryland is at 6.7%. When you add our Jobs Rated rankings into the equation, the Washington, D.C. region really takes off.

Job seekers with a degree or experience in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields have little to no trouble finding jobs in the Washington, D.C., market. And they tend to love their jobs, given the high rankings those professions receive in such categories as pay, hiring outlook, low stress and few physical demands. In fact, with double the number of STEM jobs compared to the national average, the Washington, D.C., region is a true hub for knowledge workers.

"The nation's capital and surrounding cities are a goldmine of opportunities for those with mathematical abilities," says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com. “The federal government plans to spend up to $3.2 billion over the next five years to upgrade its IT infrastructure and migrate to cloud computing, while IT opportunities in cyber security and private sector software development are expected to be very strong, too.”

In fact, Software Engineering is already at the forefront of this explosive growth. As government agencies and related businesses update their infrastructures and develop new technologies, Software Engineers will reap the benefits with a growth rate of 25%, which is a huge factor as to why it's the No. 1 rated job in the region, according to the Jobs Rated rankings.

Actuaries (28% growth), Mathematicians (16% growth) and Statisticians (15% growth) also rank among the top-rated jobs in the nation's capital. As a hub for world politics, social reform, economic activism, world trade and a slew of grant-funded studies, workers who can quantify, analyze and articulate the findings will see an upsurge in hiring opportunities. Most of the Best Jobs of 2012 are not only STEM-related, but require advanced degrees.

“Job seekers who want to compete for the nation’s best jobs will gain a competitive edge by expanding their knowledge and skill set through higher education,” says Mr. Lee. “The majority of the D.C. area’s best jobs require advanced training, which translates into a wise investment over time.”

Another job that benefits directly from all of the hiring opportunities in the region is Human Resources Manager. Through the year 2020, job growth for HR Managers is expected to be 21%. Mixing their high demand with great pay ($99,102 national average) and ideal working conditions positions this job as No. 3 in the rankings.

Here is the full list of Top Ten Best Jobs of 2012 in the D.C. Area:

Software Engineer

1. Software Engineer

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