Younger Workers Value Passion Over Pay

Younger Workers Value Passion Over Pay

Marcia Heroux Pound

For some 20-somethings, 'meaning' -not salary -is what matters most to them in a job. The recession has had an impact on workers of all generations, but the youngest generation is exhibiting a different work attitude than perhaps it once did, one study shows. Workers ages 21 to 31, the "millennial" generation, have more realistic expectations about career success, according to a study by the Career Advisory Board at DeVry University. Of the 500 millennials surveyed, 30% identify meaningful work as the single most important measure of a successful career.

"The findings were a little bit surprising," said Alexandra Levit, a career expert who sits on the university's Career Advisory Board. But during the recession, "Millennial attitudes have shifted," she said. "They want a sense of accomplishment."

Not long ago, a key question for the Millennial was, "How can you help me?"...

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