What Role Does Social Media Play in Your Job Search?

What Role Does Social Media Play in Your Job Search?

Paul Anderson

Can social media help you find a job faster? Can tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles help your personal brand? Will tools like LinkedIn replace our resumes in the future?

From my experience working with professionals in transition, I can say "yes" to all three questions. I have personally experienced and witnessed the impact social media has had on the job-search process. More and more companies and recruiters are looking at tools like LinkedIn to get a near-accurate view of an applicant's true career history. They are checking out the applicant's behavior online on tools such as Twitter and Facebook prior to bringing the person in for an interview.

Experience shows that people tend to be more honest online than they are on their resumes. Experience also shows that you can forecast the future employee's behavior by watching how the person communicates and behaves online...

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