Amazon's "Virtual Career Day" Could Start A Post-Pandemic Trend

Amazon's "Virtual Career Day" Could Start A Post-Pandemic Trend


Amazon hosts a "Virtual Career Day" on Sept. 16, with two significant events driving the decision: ramping up for the annual push of seasonal employees, as consumers make considerably more online purchases in anticipation of the holidays; and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

While there are specific motivations for this new way of connecting prospective employees with hiring managers, Amazon just might be offering a blueprint for the next step in job-seeking evolution. 

COVID-19 has put a moratorium on most in-person gatherings, and a job fair that attracts thousands falls in the especially high-risk category. A virtual job fair still provides the opportunities of getting invaluable, "in-person" interaction as well as learning more about the requirements an organization seeks from applicants. 

The event, which an Amazon press release says will feature " ore than 1,000 experienced recruiters and HR professionals to help job seekers across the country learn about opportunities at Amazon and elsewhere," could be a worthwhile experience even for those not seeking employment. 

Firsthand insights from hiring managers that detail qualifications can provide a useful roadmap for professionals looking to advance in their own careers -- even if it's not immediate. 

Meanwhile, as remote work becomes more the norm, similarly structured networking events could become the norm, turning the workplace into one that's even more global. The possibilities are extensive: Imagine checking into a career fair emanating from Tokyo to learn the expected skills on the other side of the world, and being able to apply those lessons domestically. 

The pandemic has created an abundance of headaches in our daily lives, but this becoming a job-seeking trend would be a decided positive.

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