Use Summer Downtime to Get A Jump on Your Job Search

Use Summer Downtime to Get A Jump on Your Job Search


Thoughts of summertime typically conjure visions of relaxing under a hot sun with a cold beverage. And, with Independence Day now passed, we are into the thick of the season's downtime. 

The impending dog days can easily give way to a more relaxed attitude, but for those considering a career change, the summer months are prime time to heat up the job search. 

Summer has not necessarily been peak hiring time in the United States in recent years. Even as the economy improves and unemployment drops, national employment figures have remained relatively consistent from June through September each of the previous four years.

Nevertheless, job openings as of June 2015 are at 5.4 million, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports is the highest total since it began tracking openings in December 2000. Even if many of those positions go unfilled until October -- when, historically, national hiring jumps -- these upcoming summer weeks can go a long way to landing an autumn job. 

With the pace at many workplaces slowing, due largely to increased usage of vacation time, use any extra time you might be afforded to retool your resume. 

Updating your resume isn't as simple as adding any title changes or new duties taken on. Reconnect with your references to ensure their information is up-to-date, and to stay in mind. A reminder of just why you listed them as a reference -- and, why he/she would likely give you a recommendation -- may strengthen their endorsement of you to a potential employer. 

On the topic of vacation time, the aforementioned slow-down you might be experiencing at your current place of work makes using time of your own to interview a possibility. Conversely, you can stockpile time off others are using to save for the fall, when hiring typically increases. 

Jump-starting your job search can also incorporate some typical summer relaxation activities. Many of us enjoy reading a book poolside or at the beach. If you're considering a particular job with a skill set you have perhaps not mastered, what better way to brush up than to read while still soaking in the summer? 

Studying a new job skill in a lawn chair under the sun takes some of the doldrum out of the process. 

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