Which Industries are On A Summer Hiring Upswing

Which Industries are On A Summer Hiring Upswing


Although overall hiring numbers ahead of summer 2017 fell short of expectations, a few industries have shown positive employment trends at this busy season. For job seekers after seasonal employment or the part-time opportunities that are often abundant this time of year, or even the career-minded looking for full-time change, it's not too late to get active in one of those industries. 

Health Services

One of the leading industries regardless of season, healthcare's 2017 month-to-month hiring is down from 2016. However, a surge of 47,000 new jobs, per the May 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics, suggests a summer uptick in the most flourishing sector of the American labor market. 

Professional and Business Services 

Hiring in professional and business services has held at a robust 46,000 new jobs per month since the beginning of the year. Summertime is great for seekers in this industry, as companies have historically refocused their recruiting energies during an often slower-paced part of the calendar. 

Leisure and Hospitality 

Although more tied to the seasonal job market than other industries experiencing positive hiring upswing, job seekers looking for new opportunities in leisure and hospitality can take advantage of the higher demand in summer to establish a foothold for longer-term employment. 

In fact, leisure and hospitality employers that experience routine turnover once summer ends may be receptive to negotiations for higher pay or more responsibilities with staff opting to remain once the busy time of year ends. 

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