Stressed and proud? You're not impressing anyone!

Stressed and proud? You're not impressing anyone!

Michelle Goodman

You know the type: The co-worker who darts around the office like a headless chicken, telling everyone within earshot how crazy-busy they are. (Note: If your co-workers always seem to disappear from their desks before you reach them, you probably are the type.)

Not only do these stress junkies have a hard time recognizing when their plate is full, they've never met a menial task they couldn't somehow turn into a five-alarm fire. But for all their efforts, whether they actually accomplish more than the rest of the office is anybody's guess.

The self-employed world is not immune to these stress addicts either. (Take it from one in recovery.) At least once a day I see a fellow freelancer or small business owner with a Facebook status like this...

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