Spring Your Way Into a New Job

Spring Your Way Into a New Job


As warmer days are on the horizon, the hiring market is also beginning to heat up, which is good news for job seekers. Whether you are currently employed, looking for a new career or are focusing full-time on finding a job, spring is full of opportunities.

Remember that competition remains high for available jobs, and presenting a polished appearance as a potential employee is more important than ever. Follow these tips to spring your way into a new job.

Seasonal Businesses Are Hiring Now

Don’t let your first reaction to a seasonal opportunity be negative. These businesses need support at all levels, and there are permanent positions available as well as temporary ones. Many businesses that hire seasonal workers end up hiring many of them for permanent positions. Businesses that are hiring now include:

Garden Centers

Dedicated garden and all-in-one home improvement centers have their strongest months from March to August, and usually hire at the beginning of the season. Benefits of working in a garden center include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Opportunities to learn
  • Employee discounts

Landscaping Firms

Landscaping firms are hiring for everything from lawn care technicians to office support positions, so there is a firm out there with a position for you. Employees of landscaping firms enjoy:

  • Free or discounted lawn care services
  • Variety of work
  • Many offer profit-sharing

Amusement Parks and Zoos

Amusement parks and zoos need staffing from the day they open in early spring to the close of fall. From docents to accountants, there are many available positions. Employees for such entertainment venues may expect:

  • Flexible hours
  • Outdoor work
  • Discounted family admission

Sports Stadiums

While the summer months are quiet for many professional sports leagues, semi-professional and amateur leagues often fill the summer stadium schedule in addition to other entertainment events, such as concerts or plays. Workers in a sports stadium might work in a marketing department, sell tickets and concessions, or provide security. Benefits to working in a sports stadium include:

  • Free attendance at events
  • Discounted season passes
  • An insider view of the sports world

Hotels and Other Businesses in Tourist Areas

Visitors need places to stay and places to relax, and around any large city there will be a network of hotels and entertainment businesses for spring and summer visitors. Think about your area and where the “hotspots” are. Chances are very good that the businesses surrounding attractions will be hiring additional support for the season.

Edit Your Resume for Seasonal Jobs

One of the biggest challenges that seasonal companies face is the yearly influx of resumes when they open their hiring department for the season. They need to be able to quickly read your resume and see why they should hire you. You’ve surely noticed that every company’s position requirements are different, which means your resume should speak directly to the major points in each description. In addition to personalizing your resume, make sure to avoid these common oversights.

  • Resume formatting - A resume should be saved as the most accessible document type (usually.pdf or .doc).
  • Font - Do not use any “stylish” fonts; Arial and Times New Roman are standard.
  • Objective Statements are out and executive statements are in - The manager reading your resume knows you want to work with them, so why waste valuable resume space repeating that? Write an effective executive summary instead.

Have a Great Interview

Once you’ve impressed with your resume, it’s time for the interview. Seasonal companies don’t have much time to spend on each applicant, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to participate in a group interview. Due to the tight scheduling, be sure that you are on time. Here are three other great tips to interviewing with a seasonal company:

  • Be yourself, but don’t get too comfortable- Seasonal companies are businesses just like any other. Be mindful of everything from the clothes that you wear to the words that you use. You should be just as professional as if you were approaching any other interview.
  • Reiterate your fit-Seasonal hiring managers are often challenged by high turnover, so they need to know that you are a good fit for the position and plan to stay for the season’s duration – and beyond. Be sure you let them know of your relevant past accomplishments and future commitment.
  • Ask questions- Even if you know the company well, come prepared with at least two or three questions.
  • Seasonal companies more than any other are looking for truly interested candidates, rather than just qualified ones.

As the spring employment outlook warms up, follow these tips and prepare yourself for great opportunities. Seasonal companies are hiring now, and offer employment and learning opportunities that will help you build your career.

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