Social Media and Company Culture is a Two-Way Street

Social Media and Company Culture is a Two-Way Street


Surely, you are well acquainted with the tales of job applicants missing out on opportunities because of inappropriate social media presences — or, worse, employees whose social media cost them their jobs. But the use of social media is a two-way street as far as employees, prospective employees, and employers. For job seekers in particular, an organization and its management's use of social media can offer invaluable insight into the culture of the organization. 

In the same way hirers might investigate the social media of an applicant, so too should applicants look into the social media presence of a prospective employer. 

How the outward facing social media of the company is typically less relevant, unless the job one is seeking involves operating these accounts. In these instances, studying the social media presence ahead of an interview can provide ideas to cite. Even if you are not a social media professional, acknowledging a company's sparse presence might be an opportunity to offer up another skill set other applicants lack. 

Social media can also offer insight as to whether you want the job at all. On Twitter, subtweeting is the practice of complaining about or insulting someone/something without mentioning them by name; passive-aggressiveness is another way to describe the practice. A manager who uses a public platform to criticize co-workers or applicants probably isn't the kind of manager you want to work for. 

Management that represents an organization on social media should present the best that organization has to offer, whether in promotion or just in attitude. Consider this an opportunity for pre-interviewing screening on the applicant end. 

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