The Value of Resume Review

The Value of Resume Review


As the old adage says, there's no second chance to make a first impression. In the case of your job search, however, the first impression may be the only chance you are afforded to make any impression on a prospective employer. 

Your resume is often the first impression made during a job search. Ensuring your resume is the best it can be might mean the difference in landing a job, and not even receiving an interview. Yes, it's that important. 

Odds are you have already reviewed your own resume a few (dozen) times, but self-evaluation can only do so much. After all, it's not yourself you are attempting to persuade with your resume -- it's someone else. From this perspective, it only makes sense to have a fresh set of eyes look over and evaluate your resume. Perhaps even a few different reviews can pinpoint any and all deficiencies in your resume to fully maximize its potential. 

But who can help? Certainly friends and family provide options. There might be limitations to what those familiar with you can provide from a truly outside perspective. To this end, a resume review service such as Top Resume  is perfect. Reviewers will evaluate your resume with the same critical attention as a prospective employer might. 

The value in outside resume review can be found not just as a means of spotting errors, but also finding areas that might require additional emphasis. Say you are applying for a managerial position, for example. Your work history may note a previous job in passing because it isn't in the same field, but if that position included team-leading, you may have an invaluable skill to highlight, which you may have overlooked evaluating your resume from the insular point of view. 

Resume review offers countless other potential benefits. It's one time when your first impression can't work against you. 

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