Resolve to Do Career Check-Up

Resolve to Do Career Check-Up

Sheryl Silver

Exercise more. Eat healthier. Lose weight. They're among the most common New Year's resolutions Americans make each year. Changing jobs is usually pretty high on our resolutions list, too.

According to Steve Harvey, managing partner of OI Partners/The McGuire Group, an outplacement and leadership development/consulting firm in Southern California, although most people make some type of job-related New Year's resolution, only about one in four conducts a thorough career check-up each year. Harvey recommends doing such a career assessment early this year.

What should be included in such an assessment?

For starters, Harvey advises people to assess the viability of their current jobs by asking themselves these questions: "How secure do you feel in your job? Will there be opportunities for growth or do you anticipate cutbacks in the organization? How is your own job performance? What about relationships with your boss and colleagues?"

Even if you're fairly content with your current job, Harvey says it's important to assess your skills and the needs of the company to decrease the odds of being blindsided by an unexpected pink slip. "Layoffs and terminations usually take most people by surprise," he said.