Report Finds Workplace Advantages to HCM Software

Report Finds Workplace Advantages to HCM Software


Criterion released a report touting the benefits of human capital management software, or HCM software for short.

Some background: HCM is a human resources system designed to clearly communicate employee goals, track progress and set benchmarks for improvement. HCM software tracks such milestones, and provides a streamlined platform between management and staff.

Citing a study by MSW Research and Dale Carnegie Training, Criterion reports that three "key engagement drivers" between management and employees tie in to the implementation and use of HCM software: relationship with immediate supervisor; pride in working for the company; and belief in senior leadership.

All three are bedrock principles for a company to maintain, in order to function at its best.

Criterion's report, which can be found here, cites five key ways in which HCM software upholds the engagement drivers.

HR departments and management can determine if HCM software is right for their business. For employees, understanding the growing prevalence of HCM software and its role in the workplace is essential.

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