Refresh Your Attitude At Work

Refresh Your Attitude At Work

Kelly Gregorio

A bad mood can strike at any moment. One minute you’re fine, when suddenly a trigger is pulled. Without much notice you can find yourself in a slump -- perhaps even a sinkhole.

Bad moods are not considerate, either. They can come at the start of your day or even a few minutes before a big presentation. Follow the tips to below to combat bad moods, reverse your attitude and recharge for the work day.

Freshen Up

When you’re feeling consumed by a bad mood, wash it off! Refresh by rinsing your face with some water, swipe a wet cloth under your eyes and smooth any stray hairs.

When you look good, you feel good. If you’re chronically feeling grumpy put some effort into your wardrobe and add some color to your ensembles. Orange can stir up energy. Try yellow to inspire creativity. Keep blue and green nearby when you need to feel calm.

Pay It Forward

Helping a colleague This can be as simple as holding the door, offering up a genuine compliment or extending a hand with an office task.

Someone else’s appreciative smile and “thank you” can oftentimes cast away a dark cloud more effectively than one can by him-or-herself.

Enhance Your Environment

Studies show that enhancing your environment with plants can soothe a bad mood. Try a Jade Plant, a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or a Bamboo Palm for some sustainable, air-purifying options.

Plants not your thing? Pictures are another great way to improve your office setting and mood; as is a personal calendar that displays upcoming, fun events.

Before you add new items to your environment, be sure to make room by clearing clutter. Disorganization can lead to stress, and stress loves to kill your good spirits. Organize your efforts with extra folders and file holders and reclaim some clean focus.

Find an Outlet

Sometimes you just need afford yourself a chance to breathe. Try getting some sun and fresh air on a short walk, use internet radio to tune into your favorite, feel-good music or take a quick break to call an empathetic friend.

For those emotional eaters (hello, friends) you may be tempted to reach for that comforting glazed donut in the break room, but try to resist. Momentary sugar highs will leave you feeling even more sluggish and irritable. Instead, grab a sweet piece of fruit or a handful of nuts for lasting, mood-boosting energy.

Do Something You Hate

Sound a little off? Just hear this out. When faced with a bad mood, push yourself to do the thing on your to-do list that you are dreading the most (i.e., create the next meeting’s agenda, review the monthly reports).

The feel-good sensations that will come after you’ve dealt with your dread head-on will last you all day. It’s all downhill from that point on, allowing you to relax and be grateful that your day’s most tedious task is behind you.

Grab A Pen

While the above suggestions focus on quick mood boosters, pinpointing the primary cause of your irritation is the key to a long-term solution.

Brainstorm possible causes and solutions. Weigh the pros and cons of your listed solutions. Then, outline your plan of action in writing.

Even if you do not enact your written plan, a possible added benefit is transferring your bad mood from your mind, onto paper.

What other ways can you refresh your mood? Share your tips below!

Kelly Gregorio writes about leadership trends and entrepreneurial tips while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a merchant cash advance provider. You can read her daily business blog here

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