Don’t Overlook the Huge Career Opportunities in the Online Gambling Industry

Don’t Overlook the Huge Career Opportunities in the Online Gambling Industry

Max Bichsel

Have you considered a career in the online gambling industry? Probably not. But as a rapidly expanding industry, it will need to employ many developers, computer scientists, marketers, analysts, and content creators — careers not typically associated with gambling. There could very well be a job for you, too.

The online gambling and sports betting market was valued at $50 billion in 2019, and that number is expected to double by 2026. Supporting that growth will take myriad talented people, many of whom won’t need years of experience to get jobs. Working in the gambling industry offers ambitious professionals a way to jump-start their careers in a field with lots of potential.

Online casinos will need statisticians, analysts, and handicappers for sportsbooks. They’ll also need designers to make online slot games engaging and content creators to educate players on selecting online casinos to patronize. The growth of the legal online gambling industry will also give rise to tangential industries in media, technology, and more. There are opportunities to do almost anything in the online gambling industry, and it’s a great time to get your foot in the door.

Getting Excited About the Future of the Online Gambling Industry

With legislation on the horizon and many states already allowing online gambling and sports betting, the industry is expanding quickly. Today, more than a dozen states have some form of legal online gambling, whether it’s online casinos or sports betting. And by 2023, the global online gambling market is predicted to reach $92.9 billion.

People don’t realize that online gambling helps state governments raise money needed for tax revenue. Online gambling and sports betting brought in hundreds of millions of dollars for the state of New Jersey in 2020, for example. Former New Jersey state Sen. Ray Lesniak said, “I am surprised that it (sports betting) hasn’t progressed across the whole country as rapidly as possible. But here in New Jersey, we’re reaping the benefits.”

That’s just one reason to be excited about getting involved. Imagine being one of the first employees at Google or Facebook; that compares to getting a gambling industry job in the current landscape. You can also enjoy plenty of perks, such as innovative work that’s constantly evolving and collaborative projects with peers from diverse backgrounds. No matter what career path you imagine, the online gambling industry can potentially bring it to new heights. Expect to feel challenged, fulfilled, and excited to help build an influential new industry from the ground up.

Starting a Career in the Gambling Industry

Online gambling companies — and the organizations that support them — are hiring. They’re building teams for the future and laying the groundwork for strong, sustainable growth, making this a great time to seek opportunities that don’t exist in other industries. Here’s how to find gambling industry jobs:

1. Search online.

Career websites are the best places to find job postings in the online gambling industry. Search for opportunities with online gambling companies you’re aware of (and scour their websites), but also get creative. If you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or tech professional, for instance, search for your desired role or specialization plus keywords such as “online gambling” or “sports betting.”, for example, has hundreds of opportunities when inputting either of these keywords in its search engine. 

2. Leverage your network.

You might already know someone connected to the online gambling industry. Go through your contacts to see if you have a link. At the same time, start building out your network on social media. Don’t just ask to connect — make your presence known and talents clear by starting conversations with others in the gambling industry. In a nascent industry, fresh perspectives and new voices go a long way.

3. Rely on tools.

Once you dive into careers in the gambling industry, you learn there are many companies involved and plenty of opportunities. Use digital tools and apps to keep track of where you’re applying, what jobs you want to pursue, and which contacts you need to follow up with. As with any other job search, it pays to take a systematic, organized approach.

4. Talk the talk.

A great way to determine if a career in online gambling is for you is to participate and play. If you love sports and live in a state with legal sports betting, download an app and place a few bets. If you love poker and live in a state where it’s legal to play online, try it. Immersing yourself in online gambling products and showing real interest in the industry helps you stand out in the application and interview process.

The future of the online gambling industry is broadening fast with new regulations and will have a positive impact on local governments by generating critical tax revenue. It can also help boost your profile. With a career in the gambling industry, there’s no telling how high you can climb.

Max Bichsel is vice president of U.S. business for Group, a leading performance marketing company for online gambling and sports betting. The Group publishes comparison shopping sites for online gambling like and Max is an expert on the American online gaming and sports betting markets; he is responsible for growing business with operators and partners as more states legalize, regulate, and offer online gaming.

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