A New High in Consumer Confidence

A New High in Consumer Confidence


Consumer confidence in the United States is at a nine-year high, per The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index. That's a positive reflection on the current job market, and vice versa.


The 104.1 score approaches the Index's August 2007 peak, in part due to reported increases in job openings. The Labor Department's Sept. 2016 Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) reports a record-high for job openings in July.

More job prospects equate to higher wages, especially as employers seek candidates with specialized skill sets. Cultivating a workplace repertoire with both breadth and depth is always essential, but especially so now with more lucrative possibilities opening. Understanding the particular skills needed for a given job is vital, and the CareerCast jobs database is a great place to start researching.

Consumer confidence growing into the fourth quarter is especially noteworthy for those looking to get on board the seasonal hiring train. Quarter Four typically brings substantial job gains, commensurate with consumer spending for the holidays.

The current economic climate suggests prospects well beyond part-time and seasonal positions, however. If you have been considering a career change, this looks like a great time to test the waters.

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