Millennials,You Need to Know The Wonderful World of Health IT

Millennials,You Need to Know The Wonderful World of Health IT

Millennials are taking over the workforce, but they are often tagged with a myth that paints them in a negative light. There’s an underlying assumption that millennials are job hoppers who tend to seek out what is comfortable and easy.

However, this myth is simply that -- a myth with no substantial backing. So what do millennials in the workforce value the most?

Judging from some new insights, they are dedicated to building a better future and are driven by their values.

The 2016 Yello Recruiting Study found that millennials value career growth and learning over salary. Also, as the study found, they want job security and an employer worth committing to -- two out of five millennials want to stay at their company for three years or more.

They also want their work to mean something -- 56 percent of them said they ruled out working for an organization because of its values, as found by a 2016 study from Deloitte. For those who are employed, 70 percent of millennials say their personal values are shared with their organization.

So for those who are struggling to find meaningful work that makes a difference in the world and who want a place to learn and grow, the health IT industry may be their best fit.

Here’s why health IT is the the best field for millennials:

The More You Know

Since the tech world is constantly evolving, the industry is inherently catered to lifelong learners. Good managers and employers encourage health IT professionals to attend seminars and conferences and pursue certification courses. Individuals can proactively take on more responsibilities and work their way up the ladder into management positions.

The 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report conducted by my organization,, found that the health IT industry boasts a high satisfaction rate of 83 percent. Among the top reasons for such a high rate of job satisfaction are the career advancement opportunities and the options for learning new skills.

Instead of hitting dead ends, health IT professionals are constantly challenging themselves to stay up-to-date on new and emerging technology trends and seeking out as many growth opportunities as they can find. It’s a fast paced world that is perfect for the go-getters and doers who come from generation Y.

Common "Cents"

As health IT professionals learn new skills and take on more responsibilities, they are rewarded with higher compensation rates. The potential for income is another major contributing factor to the industry’s impressive satisfaction rate, according to 19 percent of respondents to the job perk report.

While salary is not everything, it certainly should be a major consideration for millennials and job seekers. The 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report, which was also conducted by my organization,, found the average health IT salary is $87,443.

The Healthcare Network's Best Jobs of 2015 further illustrate the lucrative possibilities in the industry. 

Salaries are likely to rise for those who gain experience in their field. Those who have health IT experience report an average salary of $90,080, as compared to those without experience who make $67,364.

Additionally, education and certifications lead the way to bigger paychecks. The average salary of health IT professionals who hold an IT certification is $94,795 versus the average salary of $79,186 for those who are not certified.

To put it simply, investing in more education and certification courses pays off big time. So for those who want to learn more to climb the ladder, there are several motivational factors aside from being a more versatile, tenured health IT professional. The promise of sustained financial security carries a lot of value in a job market that holds a not-so-distant memory of recessions and uncertainty.

Change the World

It’s no secret that millennials want to feel a sense of purpose. Meaningful work may be hard to find for many people, but health IT is one of best industries to provide that. These health IT professionals are warriors for security and soldiers for better world health.

They are connecting healthcare providers in the most effective way by simplifying communication and collaboration, protecting millions of people from identity theft and data corruption that could result in accidental death, improving patient care administration...the list goes on and on.

Ultimately, every role in health IT is extremely valuable and serves as a major contribution to the big picture -- a safer digital landscape that facilitates fast, effective, advanced health care.

Tim Cannon is the vice president of product management and marketing at, a free job search resource that provides health IT professionals access to more than 1,000 industry health IT jobs at home or on the go. Connect with Tim and on LinkedIn.

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