How Much Networking Is Too Much on Social Media?

How Much Networking Is Too Much on Social Media?

Randy Woods,

The ultimate goal of networking, as every job seeker knows, is to increase your odds of connecting with someone who can help move your career forward. For some, that means acting like a marketer and getting your brand in front of as many quality eyeballs as possible. While this certainly can make you well known in your industry, it might not be the kind of attention you want.

In their new book, Find a Job Through Social Networking, career management consultants and social media experts Diane Crompton and Ellen Sautter say that effective networking is like multimedia advertising. "Placing an advertisement once is usually not sufficient," they explain. "Media campaigns involve repeated placements of ads over time and often in multiple media sources, such as newspapers, magazines, websites and maybe even television or radio."

One way to secure this kind of broad reach in your networking, Crompton and Sautter say, is to add the URL for your LinkedIn account and your Twitter handle to your resume, email signature and business cards.

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