Going a Step Further

Going a Step Further

Les Krantz

The Jobs Rated Almanac, which debuted in 1988, is the “mother” of CareerCast.com’s “Jobs Rated” report. The new 2015 edition is an indispensable tool to help you get the biggest bang from the best and worst jobs ratings. The Almanac has been developed and contributed to by two of America’s foremost career experts: Tony Lee, Editor & Publisher of CareerCast.com, and Les Krantz, founding Editor & Publisher of the Jobs Rated Almanac.

The new Almanac, available now on amazon.com as an eBook ($9.99) and paperback ($16.99), goes much more in depth than this website report. There are more than 100,000 words on 200 jobs and 1,000+ valuable links to help you identify the best jobs and how to get them! No careers book has so much information packed into it.

GETTING THE JOB: In addition to expanding the information on the 200 best and worst jobs, each is rated and ranked in five categories (Overall Best and Worst Jobs, Work Environment, Income, Outlook and Stress Levels).

To help you get these jobs there is a new portion this year that ties in with the resources on CareerCast.com, expanding their information far beyond what’s online. And that means expanding your job opportunities and giving you every possible edge to get the best job, earn the highest income it pays, and work in an environment in which you will be the most comfortable, from a plush office to the great outdoors and everywhere else where people get paid for their work.

The Almanac can tell you what workers in all 200 jobs earn from entry level to advanced; hiring outlooks for all the jobs through 2022, their job descriptions, work schedules, training requirements, guidelines for educational curricula, and even related work and life experiences that may be more valuable to hiring authorities than you think.

To have this expansive body of knowledge--available only in the Almanac--means having a big advantage over others who seek the job you want.

The Jobs Rated Almanac, according to Krantz, its coauthor and founder, “was written for mid-career job changers, as well as students--school-age and grown--that want a job they will love and earn well doing it. This huge book provides the short-term information needed to identify the best job for you and the long-term view you need to be satisfied with your job choice and income for years or a lifetime."

The Almanac offers a tremendous extension beyond what's published on CareerCast.com, says Tony Lee. “When Les asked me what CareerCast.com can do to help make the Almanac a stronger job-hunting tool, we decided to combine our strengths. The Almanac’s track record of identifying the best jobs is enhanced with CareerCast.com’s expertise on getting them. There’s no tool like it or a better career planner.”

Part II of the Almanac, “Getting the Job,” has two expansive chapters: “How to be One” and “Contacts and Help,” complete with CareerCasts.com’s “Job Openings Online,” which could land you a job right now. The emphasis is on the credentials employers want from applicants and how to reach the people who hire for the jobs. The links in the book go to both employers and professional and trade associations that inform you on the state of the professions, the trends and even some events in the field you can attend.

THE JOBS: In this year's Almanac, there are a range of new positions and more information about them than CareerCast.com posts on its website. They include many jobs that don’t yet have a large talent pool, such as Social Media Manager, Data Scientist, Logistician, Biomedical Engineer and Sustainability Manager.

There is also a wealth of information on the traditional jobs in the arts, the professions, science, math, IT and the best jobs in the trades, too. There are a large number in the medical field, computers, business, journalism, education and service industries.

Some jobs in the Almanac have a special “mystique,” such as interpreter, actor, conservationist, fitness trainer, choreographer and disc jockey. The Jobs Rated Almanac has more on them and how to get them than any book ever published.

GET THAT JOB NOW! The new Jobs Rated Almanac, now in its 27th year, rates 200 jobs from best to worst. Now that you know them, the Almanac will help you GET one. Click here for more.

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