Freelance Work as a Means of Testing the Job Market

Freelance Work as a Means of Testing the Job Market


We recently published our Jobs Rated report on opportunities for freelance and contract work here at This report, which cites the so-called "gig economy," ties into another recent survey issued here -- one asking workers about their job stress and levels of satisfaction.

The two concepts intersect in a way that might benefit workers feeling bogged down in their current jobs. 

Nearly 60 percent of respondents to our job stress survey said they would leave their current positions -- if they could. Of course, it's much easier to talk about leaving a job than it is to actually do so, especially if you have invested time and money into a specific career. 

While certain soft skills might translate over to a different -- perhaps even some of the more technical abilities needed to make a career change translate -- reality is employers want to see experience pertaining specifically to the position they're looking to fill. 

The growing prevalence of freelance and contract work might be your gateway to gaining said experience and embarking on a new career path. 

Make no mistake, the level of freelance or contract position you might find without an extensive resume won't be the highest. You may have to take on low-pay, or even no-pay gigs in order to build up your portfolio. 

That means if you are looking to start a career in web development, you probably are not going to get a gig building a site for a national chain. However, if you have a friend who owns an independent business, you just may have the perfect launching point to your new career. 

Pinpoint these potential low-risk opportunities to try out your desired career. You might find it really isn't the right fit. You might also discover an aptitude. The more freelance gigs you add to your resume, the higher-profile opportunities you'll be able to find. Eventually, that can turn into the resume needed to land a full-time job. 


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