Shares Insightful Findings about How People are Adapting Their Homes to Remote Work in 2021 Shares Insightful Findings about How People are Adapting Their Homes to Remote Work in 2021


Due to the current pandemic, and the amount of people now working remotely, homeowners are ever increasingly looking to adapt their homes to incorporate an office. In light of this, surveyed industry experts and has just released their latest Home Office Design Report 2021 with tips, advice, and recommendations from the professionals for introducing a working space at home. Here we explore the key findings from the report.

Guest Rooms Are the Most Common Space to Be Converted

From all of the different spaces that can be renovated into a permanent home office, a guest room is the most popular choice. 66% of experts believe that it is the easiest room to be converted and is already used less than other rooms in the home, especially during the pandemic. 

Converting to a home office

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Where converting a whole room is not possible, experts have suggested increasingly popular ways people can make the most of smaller areas. Furniture features such as closet desks and computer armoires mean that homeowners can combine the use of permanent storage with an area to work.

Stand-Up Desks Have Multiple Benefits

A new trend for people working remotely is the incorporation of a stand-up desk. As well as a good space saver, standing desks are a way of helping with blood flow, therefore increasing productivity. They can also be adaptable to allow people to mix between sitting and standing.

Different Options for Video Conference Backgrounds’s report finds that there is no one correct option for a video conference background. Instead, experts share multiple ways people who are working from home can express some of their personality by including bookshelves or artwork.

Choosing a conference-call background

As people continue to work remotely, these key findings are helping homeowners incorporate a home office space in their homes. For more in-depth information about these expert insights into home office design in 2021, be sure to check out the full report.

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