For Employment Growth, Look to the Jobs Rated Report

For Employment Growth, Look to the Jobs Rated Report


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' July 2015 numbers were released on Aug. 7, and the data confirms what readers of the Jobs Rated report already know: IT and healthcare are the backbone of the ongoing economic recovery. 

The 2015 Jobs Rated report ranked several healthcare and information technology jobs atop its list of 200 careers. Together, the two industries totaled 55,000 new jobs, more than a quarter of all employees added for the month. 

Hiring in hospitals accounted for 16,000 of the 28,000 total jobs added in the healthcare sector, a trend discussed on the CareerCast Healthcare Network

Computer systems design hiring set the pace in IT at an approximate 9,000 new hires.

Overall, however, neither healthcare nor IT led among all growth sectors: That distinction goes to the retail industry, which added 36,000 new employees.

Peruse the CareerCast Retail Network, and it's easy to see why hiring in retail is so robust. Career paths in a variety of disciplines have openings in our retail jobs database, from customer service positions, to business development and accounting.

Retail's growth points to growing consumer confidence -- and indeed, a University of Michigan report on consumer confidence finds that in 2015, it's reached pre-recession levels.

Retail is also a valuable gateway into other fields, a National Retail Federation report issued earlier this year says 71% of hiring managers value the skills candidates cultivate working in retail jobs.

If that's any indication, the hiring growth in retail could well carry over into other sectors in a matter of months.

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