In-Demand Jobs for The 2016 Holidays

In-Demand Jobs for The 2016 Holidays


Every year around this time, companies seek additional help to meet the holiday rush.

Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data for the last three decades, November and December are almost always the two most active hiring months of the year.

Expect 2016 to be no exception.

The usual types of employers that get aggressive in hiring this time of year are doing so once more. That means retailers and delivery companies – or both, in the case of Amazon. The online retail giant announced plans to add 120,000 new employees for the 2016 holidays, reflecting both an uptick in consumer confidence in the past year, and the company’s increased emphasis on its own delivery services.

Macy’s, Target, and UPS also anticipate robust additions to their staffing this year. That’s no surprise.

The most vacancies found for seasonal openings at CareerCast are in Retail (approximately 4,500 nationally). Not far behind are Customer Service with over 3,000 listings, and Hospitality, with more than 2,500 openings.

Scour the database of seasonal job openings, and there are some employer needs one might not immediately associate with this time of year.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of the usual opportunities driving delivery trucks, manning call centers, fulfilling orders in warehouses and meeting the rush of travelers out and about.

But seasonal hiring also offers some unique and perhaps unexpected opportunities, as well.

As consumers spend more this time of year, the increase in revenue oftentimes requires additional support managing the books. Tax Preparer may not be the job one equates with the holidays, but it is a popular listing in the CareerCast database for employers seeking seasonal help.

The second-most openings by category are jobs in Management. One may not associate a seasonal position with managerial duty, but an influx of new staff requires additional supervisors. These include Sales Manager positions, as well as Lodging Managers to help meet the demand with increased travel. In retail, First-Line Supervisors are needed for new entry-level staff.

Other fields directly tied to the jump in travel seen around this time of year also require more staffing.

For example, who doesn’t love playing in the snow around the holidays? One may not think of the staffing required when we enjoy the great outdoors, but ski slopes and ice-skating rinks need Recreational Workers to assist with the increase in demand.

Snowsports School Supervisor is one of the associated jobs you’ll find in the CareerCast database.

Similarly, the performers at shopping centers and holiday-themed attractions are paid staff. Santa Claus and his elves, carolers and other Performers can find part-time work this time of year. Below are eight of the most in-demand seasonal jobs of 2016. Salary listings reflect BLS estimates for full-time positions.

Delivery Driver

1. Delivery Driver

Median Salary:
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