The Pandemic's Impact on Shopping Should Have Long-Term Job Implications

The Pandemic's Impact on Shopping Should Have Long-Term Job Implications


Consumer habits were trending to a more online-focused trend for several years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the infectious disease forced businesses to change models, relying more on third-party or in-house delivery services, and shoppers have opted to have goods traditionally bought in stores brought home, the steady progression of an online marketplace accelerated to a sprint. 

This is especially noteworthy ahead of the holiday season, when jobs tied to delivery see a bump in hiring. These are often part-time, contract positions, but both the uncertainty of the pandemic's continued lifespan and the changes in consumer habits brought on as a result suggest long-term employment trends. 

And the careers with a potential boon this holiday season and beyond transcend those the public probably associates most closely with this hiring surge. Obviously, a job like Delivery Driver is in high-demand -- and indeed, as of mid-November, the CareerCast database includes well over 5,000 openings for Delivery Drivers. 

Other, less public-facing positions like Warehouse Clerk, Forklift Operator and Logistician are also in demand with the current shopping climate. Each has its own requirements and certifications, speaking to the diverse nature of the delivery-based marketplace. 

And it doesn't end there. The story of OnFleet is a snapshot of the evolving consumer landscape, as the software company that provides solutions for businesses to manage online orders received an influx of investment in October. 

From transportation to software engineering and even cybersecurity, a whole new job market is taking shape that will endure beyond the life of the pandemic. 

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