Looking for Sports Jobs? You Need to Know These Companies

Looking for Sports Jobs? You Need to Know These Companies

Karyn Mullins
After some self-reflection, you finally found where you want to focus your career -- the sports industry. And why not? Sports jobs can be incredibly engaging and fun, especially if you’re working for your favorite team or helping connect fans with brands and organizations that have a positive impact on their life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places in the industry to find sports jobs:


Located in New York, New York, SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that simplifies finding tickets to live entertainment. What makes their service stand out are features like interactive maps and their Deal Score system, which is a number based on an algorithm that tells the user how good their deal is in comparison to historical ticket prices, the location of the seat, and the overall quality of other tickets available.

According to a survey, SeatGeek ranked fifth on the best small and medium companies to work for in 2017. Most reviews address how the company prioritizes fun and embraces transparency. So you can blow off steam by challenging your office mates to ping pong or Nerf basketball before your next meeting.


This Lincoln, Nebraska company creates software to help coaches and athletes optimize performance and training, Hudl's mission statement is simple -- “we help coaches and athletes win.” Their unique technology offers several solutions.

For example, their Assist function allows coaches to submit game recordings for professional analysts to provide stats and reports for both teams. Their Technique function allows coaches to record athletic performance to review in slow motion. They can also add notes and highlight changes, then share their feedback.

Hudl earned a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, with 95 percent approval ratings of the CEO on their Glassdoor page. As an employee, you get to enjoy happy hour events with your colleagues and even take trips to sporting events.


For sports marketers, Omnigon may be the place for you. This digital consulting company, which is headquartered in New York City, partners with sports brands to help them with online strategies and marketing. Some of their latest achievements include building a digital transformation for IRONMAN, where they helped bring the brand into the modern world with a fully immersive mobile experience.

As a new hire, when you’re not working with top brands, you’re climbing the ranks in the company’s foosball culture. You start with a Minor League ranking, where you then have to build your skills and improve your status.

GMR Marketing

Based out of New Berlin, Wisconsin, this engagement marketing agency’s mission runs on passion -- “Get in Their Hearts, Get in Their Minds, Stay in Their Lives.” They touch on the emotional connections made in sports to connect brands with people.

GMR Marketing understands the importance of passion in work. You need to understand the thrill and excitement that comes with the fan experience in sports to thrive here. If you’re looking for meaningful work, where you get to connect fanatics like yourself with sports and brands, this is your place.

Navigate Research

Another haven for sports marketers, this Chicago based investment research firm takes pride in teamwork. As Shaelyn McCole, Director of Research, told Forbes, “Everyone on our team gives their best effort because when one of us does the job successfully, it makes the rest of the team that much more likely to succeed.”

Smaller companies like Navigate Research rely on strong team players. Make the most out of your communication and collaboration skills here.


Turnkey does it all -- they offer leading sports brands business intelligence for sponsorship measurement and customer reach, executive recruiting, and executive coaching to ensure their client’s team is performing at peak performance.

Their supportive environments enables employees to handle their workloads when serving some of the biggest brands in sports and live events. Prepare to get thrown into the mix fast at this small sized company.

Follow your passion and look for sports jobs at companies that speak to you and your set of values. When you have a clear vision for your career in sports, you are well on your way to finding an employer that’s perfect for you.

Karyn Mullins is the executive vice president and general manager of JobsInSports.com, the one place with all the tools, statistics, and information needed to connect job seekers with employers for sports employment openings at all levels. Follow JobsInSports on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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