Communication With A New Boss

Communication With A New Boss

Communcation with a new boss.
Lee Miller, The Star-Ledger

When employees find themselves with a new boss it is normal to approach the situation with some trepidation. Understanding best practices for communication with a new boss is important for any employee.

There are legitimate reasons for concern.

As Christopher Sardone, of mobile app developer Teliapp Corporation, reminds us: "This person does, in fact, have the power to help you succeed, or to ruin your career."

What advice can we offer individuals facing the prospect of reporting to a new boss?

Sardone correctly points out that the employee, not the new boss, needs to adapt. It is incumbent on the employee to "respect the new boss’ direction, whether they initially agree with it or not."

Failure to do so will likely end badly for the employee.

Bernadette Palumbo, director of talent acquisition and university relations at Florham Park-based BASF, and a new boss herself just 18 months ago, suggests that when the new boss arrives, you set up a meeting to discuss expectations and preferred ways of working and communicating. Ask them "what their preferred method of communication is."