Advice For Summer Job Seekers

Advice For Summer Job Seekers

Kyle Kensing

Summer is a great time of year for part-time employment. While most of us held seasonal positions while in high school or college, those who have already graduated into the labor force can earn additional money to help with expenses, pay for a family vacation or just stash it away.

Even if the work you seek isn't related to your long-term career goals, you should still pursue a job you will find rewarding. I spent one summer landscaping in desert heat that left my skin maroon at day’s end. And those were the good days when I wasn’t bitten by a venomous spider. Unearthing a rattlesnake nest beneath a brush pile prompted my immediate retirement from the landscape industry.

In contrast, I spent summers throughout college coaching basketball. Avoiding the heat inside a gym and positively influencing a group of great kids is still a source of pride for me, and the paychecks helped with bills.

Youth programs need extra hands with students out of school for the summer. Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA keep kids active while their parents are at work.

No matter your job choice, it’s still work and not a day at the beach – unless of course, your work is a day at the beach. Coastal areas see an influx of tourists from Memorial to Labor Day. Cities hire lifeguards, though this is a specialized job that requires hours of safety training. Other beach-bound opportunities, like food stands and arcades, are less exhaustive but still in demand.

In fact, food service is in demand even away from the shoreline. Travelers frequent restaurants en masse, but local consumers also venture away from hot, stuffy kitchens in increased numbers. And as the economy improves, more people will opt to dine out this summer than in recent years.

Heading into May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that food service and accommodations openings increased by over 70,000. In a similar vein, leisure and hospitality openings were up 90,000. So if serving hungry diners is within your career path, now is the time to apply for that job.

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