7 Reasons You Weren't Picked For The Job

7 Reasons You Weren't Picked For The Job

JT Ripton

Job hunting is tough and getting rejected for a job you really felt right for can be devastating. There are many reasons you might not get the job and some of them are in your power to change. Consider carefully what could have caused a company to go a different route and look for a better experience next time.

You’re too Smart

If you are too smart or too attractive, you might not get hired for the job. Employers often look for employees who make them look good, avoiding those who will outshine them. Look nice and act professional, but tone it down if you sense insecurities in the room. Ask questions and don’t let the focus stay on you. You might be the candidate in question, but it isn’t all about you.

You Aren’t a Fit

Within the first four seconds of meeting you, the interviewer will likely have formed an opinion about who you are based solely off of your looks and initial mannerisms.

If you aren’t deemed a fit in the office, you might not be considered – even with the highest credentials and experience levels. This increases the need to understand the culture and know what you are getting yourself into.

Dress appropriately for the job and do your best to show your ability to be part of the culture already established.

You Didn’t Sell Yourself

You have to be clear about what it is that you bring to the table. Get to know the company and the position, aligning your assets and experience with their needs for filling the position.

If you sell yourself short, then they will be looking at the next candidate down the line. You can use non-verbal clues, such as a strong handshake or a confident smile, to reflect your confidence level and work past your nerves.

You Were Annoying

Did you call too often to see what the status of the job was? Did you need help with the application process or show up late to the interview? Did you show up really early or have to take a phone call while you were there?

There are a lot of ways to be off-putting and annoying during the hiring process, ruining your chances.

You Were Entitled

If you get too carried away with selling yourself, you might come across as entitled. Recognize that this relationship should be mutually beneficial. They are giving you the opportunity to bring something valuable to their company.

If they don’t love you, they know there are other fish in the sea. Better yourself and become a more valuable contributor with an online MBA, no GMAT needed.

You Didn’t Show Passion

Passion is what drives us to do better and be better. Companies want passionate individuals to understand the company, industry and customer in order to promote an exciting and innovative work culture.

Passion will be shown through the work you’ve put into your resume, how you engage in the interview, and what knowledge you have about the job required. A passionate person carries a level of energy that radiates throughout the room and often draws others to feel passionate as well.

Passion can sometimes be difficult to express if you are an introverted or shy person.

You Came Across Self-Centered

If your focus was on what the company was going to do for you and not what you were going to do for the company, then you may have come across needy, self-centered, or selfish. Companies are looking for a team player that works for the good of the company, not themselves.

This is going to be especially important when you are inconvenienced for the sake of the company. Never answer another call or make your employer wait when you are asked to turn something in, show up for an interview, or complete a task.

Every time you apply, work to have renewed energy in landing the job. If you grow weary and start to lack luster in your interviews, then it will show and you will be discredited. Focus on the possibility and work to accept whatever happens after you’ve done your very best to get in.

JT Ripton is a freelance business, marketing and career advice writer, who has written for sites like BusinessInsider.com, Entrepreneur.com and more. You can follow him on Twitter @JTRipton.

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