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Worst Jobs of 2014: 199. Newspaper Reporter

Worst Jobs of 2014: 199. Newspaper Reporter

BLS Median Annual Salary: $37,090
Projected Job Growth by 2022: -13%
Jobs Rated Score : 726

A job that has lost its luster dramatically over the past five years is expected to plummet even further by 2022 as more and more print publications abandon operations.

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Best job ever

Worked as one for about 10 years -- best job I've ever had. Yes, all of those negatives, but fun, interesting, exciting, service to the community, used my talents, hours fit my sleep cycle, which the 8-5 world DOES NOT get.

I agree. 

I agree. 

Never made that much!

With 35 years in the field and a master's degree, $30,000 was more than I ever made as a reporter for a medium-sized daily. I often worked 60-hour weeks with no overtime.

worked as one for 6 years.

worked as one for 6 years. low pay. Never a raise. Terrible hours. Extremely high stress. Some nights I wished I was a lumberjack

Wish I was making $30,000!

Wish I was making $30,000!

From Twitter: So, if a

From Twitter: So, if a lumberjack and a newspaper man walk into 2014 bar, who should pay? Or should #199 & #200  

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