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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 8. Mail Carrier

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 8. Mail Carrier

BLS National Salary Median: $53,090
Projected Job Growth: -26%
Jobs Rated Score: 972

What people used to convey in a greeting card, they now express in a Facebook wall post. What was once penned on paper and sent through the mail is now transmitted instantaneously over the Internet. Technology is making a large portion of the mail carrier’s job obsolete.

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Worst job I have ever had. Pay is not worth it as start.

Not worth it I was a TE there and worked harder then all the older regulars in fact I was making them look bad because I had more skills and education then all of them even the supervisors there. They didn't give me respect for how much I have done for them but instead they cut my pay $6 less an hour and more like $10 less of over time pay. They also treated me so bad. Not worth being a temp  there anymore because they can cut your pay after 5-8 years even if you are not lucky to get regular they will still cut you. I don't think they if you want to be a temp for 5-10 years and then wait another 10 years for good pay. Not worth it when they used to start you at decent pay for the most uncomfortable enviroment you will ever be in. If you have no eduacation and are young and don't care about having a life for 10 years then maybe it would be a job for you but other wise stay away from that company. 

It's the only job I know

It's the only job I know of that you can give a 100% and get a disciplinary evaluation the next day!

Unlike some of the other jobs

Unlike some of the other jobs on this list u jokas still get paid well.  Ask a lumberjack about 401k...God is good to u suckas not stop moaning and get to work 

As a retired letter carrier,

As a retired letter carrier, I take exception to your comment.  It wasn't a letter carrier who classified our job as being one of the worst jobs to have.  It was some writer, who was given an assignment.  They probably compared 'news items' throughout the year, and came up with an opinion about the job themselves.  Letter carriers LOVE the 'work' they do on a daily basis.  Yes, the pay is good as well.  Would you want some minimum wage worker charged with delivering YOUR mail? If a low paid worker had to deal with what a letter carrier deals with, I can assure you ... I certainly wouldn't trust them with MY mail. There is far too much information in mail that can be used to commit identity theft. The job is very physical, requiring out of doors manual labor, during ALL weather extremes.  There is extreme pressure placed on letter carriers to complete their assignments within a specified amount of time, and the workforce is understaffed.  Consequentally, letter carriers are given work in ADDITION to their own routes.  They become very fatigued near the end of their day, only to be sent out on other assignments when they think they are going to get to go home.  Yet they DO it anyway.  Why?  Because its our job.  We are charged with making sure that everyone gets their mail, EVERY day.  Do you ever complain about your mail arriving late?  Consider for a minute, that the carrier delivering after dark is doing their very best to help out after doing their OWN route earlier in the day.  Consider for a moment, that that letter carrier's child was expecting daddy or mama to come home at  a given time, only to be disappointed.  Perhaps that child had a padgent at school, and had to look out into the audience, only to find that daddy wasn't sitting next to  mama, watching.  Instead, daddy or mama was the one you just complained to about how late your mail was being delivered.  Believe me when I say, your letter carrier wasn't late because they WANTED to be late.  They were late because they were working above and beyond what is expected from people with easy jobs.  Still, your letter carrier LIKES their job. They like their jobs in SPITE of the fact that they are exposed to harsh weather, exposed to dogs left loose by irresponsible uncaring owners, who sometimes attack them, exposed to criminals who sometimes injure and even kill them, exposed to safety hazards that sometimes leave them mutilated, disfigured, disabled, and sometimes even dead.  They are subject to dealing with supervisors who due to understaffing and unreasonable 'number goals', push them beyond their physical capabillities, violate the contract that all parties signed in good faith, and spouses who feel neglected because of the long hours they are required to work. I'll say it again ... in SPITE of everything letter carriers deal with, they still LIKE their jobs.  Some writer who hasen't got a clue wrote this article, not a letter carrier.

As a TE carrier for two

As a TE carrier for two years A. The LLV's get extreamly hot and there is no breeze as well as the fan blowing hot air. It really is an oven..if its 80 outside..its arond 95 inside (no kidding)B. My pay has been cut by $6......hows that for a slice of fried goldC. 7 weeks of vacation? Im lucky if I get a week a year. Working 6 days a week rotating day vacation time...its a blast! The "Regular's" are a thing of the past...when they all quit..or retire...the PO will NEVER ever make anyone els a Regular.  

Mail Carriers have one major

Mail Carriers have one major problem seems no matter where tehy go: LLVs, those red white and blue vehicles they drive around are constantly breaking down. My guess is that the postal service tells the postmaster at each P.O. that they hve to figure out how to keep them running with no financial help from HQ. They also expect to see as large a profit as possible from each P.O. so that is a disincentive to pay to fix their delivery vehicles. So they end up hiring people to work as Postal employees who have no real experience. Result, LLVs breaking down on a daily basis and a lot of angry employees.

What they also don't mention

What they also don't mention is how those vehicles become ovens when the weather is really warm. Go to postal & read the stories about the letter carrier from MA that died & the one from NJ that collapsed at the wheel of his LLV, both incidents happened this past weekend

The Postal Service would be

The Postal Service would be doing just fine if not for the Republicans who have been fighting tooth and nail to kill it. They have some sort of prejudice against any kind of government work, viewing all who do government jobs as their potential enemies. Crazy but true.

So true

So true

CareerCast is clueless , the

CareerCast is clueless , the USPS delivers more packages than UPS or Fedex from Amazon and ebay , the two leading websites that consumer make their online purchases from.

I'm a letter carrier, and I

I'm a letter carrier, and I love it. 7 weeks of holidays, a defined benefit pension plan (for now), and good medical benefits. When my day is done, it's done, no job stress or management BS to take home. Plus, no need to join a gym, and lots of interesting people to see every day. Yes, we are headed towards a time when all we will be delivering is "junk mail" and parcels, once all government disbursements, and bill-paying, goes electronic, and there are no more grandmothers sending out cards. And yes, my city has 15 less letter carrier routes than it did a year ago. No denying it's a sunset industry. But something is being lost, an integral part of our social fabric. Glad to be retiring in 2 years though....Carey R, BBA

What are the hours of work? 

What are the hours of work? 

Kudos for such a positive

Kudos for such a positive attitude towards what seems to be such an ironic outcome for the industry that, in fact, is a very American institute. American Mail is (still, I believe) is in most cases guaranteed to be delivered no matter what part of American you live in.  I am a bit sad seeing it fading away but, let's face it, everyone including myself of guilty adapting the newer technologies and there's no way saving grace for this one. Congrats for be able to reap the rewards of your years of service before it all starts rolling down the hill for everyone else in your peergroup in just a few years.

200 hundred vacation hours a

200 hundred vacation hours a year, 10 paid holidays plus we earn 100 sick hours a year, not all that bad. 

13 paid holidays, not 10.

13 paid holidays, not 10.



The USPS erred greatly when

The USPS erred greatly when it ceded the package delivery business to UPS.  

In 1952.

In 1952.

Not to add the harrassment

Not to add the harrassment and abuse we put up with daily. 

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